M³ Force Antenna Array Tx/Rx Module is developed for 5G high data rate transmission on 28GHz. It is a antenna array modularized design to flexibly adjust the antenna array size. It supports horizontal/vertical different beam resolution and covering distance and high speed beam switch. User could further incorporate with 5G NR Matlab platform developed by M3 Force to quickly/fully realize developments/demos/verifications and channel measurements of 5G NR communications

  • 5G NR communications
  • Point-to-point communications
  • Operating band: 27.5GHz ~ 28.35GHz array
  • Support TDD mode
  • Support 2 x 2 MIMO or 2x SISOs
  • IF: 2.5GHz~4GHz with up/down-converter
  • Update antenna modular based on applications
  • 2D Beam Forming with FoV of 120°
  • Programmable beam & adjustable beam width
  • Support fast beam switch
Table of Specifications
Spec Type Unit
Operating band 27.5~28.35 GHz
Duplexing mode TDD
IF range 2.5~4 GHz
Antenna type 4*2 4*4
H/V P1dB EIRP 29/26.5 35/32.5 dBm
Horizontal/Vertical FoV 120 Degree
Phase/Attenuation bits 5 Bits
Beam switch rate 140 ns
Error vector magnitude <-26 dB
Noise Figure(NF) 5 dB
Power Tx Mode 1.4A/12V 1.70A/12V W
Rx Mode 1.2A/12V 1.45A/12V
Support 2 x 2 MIMO or 2 SISOs
RF Module Usage Cases