M³ Force Communication Research Platform is a fully Matlab-based integrated platform providing lots of example codes for communications to help researchers quickly build up a full-function communication system. User could further optionally upgrade the platform to 28 GHz with RF modules (e.g. R1028A) provided by M3 Force for mmWave communication systems developments/verifications, and channel measurements.

  • Demos for communication system
  • Algorithm developments
  • Channel measurements
  • Max. BW 56 MHz/carrier
  • RF frequency up to 6 GHz
  • Bi-directional (DL/UL) transmissions
  • Sub-6GHz/mmWave channel sounding and communication system development
  • Highly flexible architecture and interface to support sub-6GHz/mmWave system
  • Support optional mmWave RF module for mmWave system development
Function block Diagram
Table of Specifications
Spec Type Unit
Transmission structure 2 x 2 MIMO antenna ports
Bandwidth 56(Max.) MHz
AD/DA 12 bits
Tx EVM ≥-30 dB
Tx monitor (dynamic range w/ 1 dB accuracy) ≥ 66 dB
Throughput 160 Mbps
Initial frequency tolerance (at + 25 ∞c) ±0.3 ppm
Frequency stability (over -40 ∞c ~ +85 ∞c) ±0.28 ppm
Frequency step resolution by DAC 10 ppb/step
Support packet-based real-time processing, Gigabit Ethernet interface between PC and platform, 4 x 4 and 8 x 8 MIMO signal processing
Platform Usage Cases
OFDM EVM Performance