3GPP R17規劃

20193RAN Plenary會議中,由RAN Plenary主席及SA Plenary主席聯合提出建議的R17時程,如下所示:

會議中建議將R17設為15個月的開發時間。依據之前制定的各工作群組進行程序,RAN1預計在2021年第一季完成R17相關技術開發,RAN2則晚一季完成,此時間點即為可宣稱R17技術開發完成。然對應的ASN.1文件則在 2021年第三季凍結(freeze),而RAN4的驗證完成擇定在2022Q1。雖然這個堤和在20196月會議中仍未明確決議此時程規劃,但已隱然成為各公司的共識。



  • 提案時程規劃:
    • RP#84會期進行提案初步討論,已多數公司意見為主,決定初步項目以及其後續電子郵件討論時程安排。
    • RP#85會期依據電子郵件討論結果進行線上working scope討論與修正。
    • RP#86正式通過R17SIWI
  • 相關技術項目電子郵件討論安排:
    • 分為從六月就開始進行以及從九月再開始進行電子郵件討論。
    • 本次會議中決定相關技術項目的moderator,協助進行電子郵件討論。



  • New Features (email discussion start from June):新議題需要較長的收斂時間,因此提早開始進行。
  • Continuing enhancement (email discussion start from Sept.):對現在進行中議題的進一步提升方面,則須視目前進行狀況而定;因此等9月全會後依狀況再進行。



  • [NR_Light]  (moderator: Ericsson)
    • Define use cases and scenarios
    • Optimal operation for mid-tier NR devices (e.g MTC, wearables, etc…)
    • Coverage recovery for NR-Light devices (needed due to antenna gain loss)
    • Includes power saving specific for these devices
    • No LPWA, no URLLC-specific enhancements
  • [Small_data] (moderator: ZTE)
    • Small Data and Inactive Data transmission (both UL and DL)
    • No LPWA
  • [Sidelink_enh] (moderator: LG, Oppo)
    • Includes V2X, Commercial, and Critical Comms, FR2 aspects
    • Relay aspects, architecture aspects, related Uu aspects
    • Focus on common functions across the key use cases
    • Achieve maximum commonality between commercial, V2X, and Critical Communication usage of sidelink while addressing their specific requirements
    • Consider spinning off non-sidelink V2X aspects into a separate thread
  • [NR_above_52.6 GHz] (inlc 60GHz unlicensed) (moderator: Intel)
    • Scoping, including structure of the study to enable waveform decision, and decision cut off point (between waveforms)
  • [Multi_SIM] (moderator: Vivo)
    • Identify the RAN impact of target use cases until September
    • Scoping of WID after September
  • [NR_multicast_broadcast] (moderator: Huawei)
    • Main drivers: V2X and Public Safety (incl. ‘mixed mode’ from Rel-16 discussions)
    • Refer to RP-190717 as a principle
  • [Coverage_enh] (moderator: China Telecom)
    • Clarify requirements for all relevant scenarios focusing on extreme coverage (not including LPWA). Data rate target FFS.
    • Start from Rel-16 email discussion outcome
    • Includes both indoor as well as wide area
  • [NB_IoT_eMTC_enh] (moderator: Huawei)
    • Clarify motivation for further enhancement
    • Enhancements motivated by current commercial deployments


  • [IIoT_URLLC_enh] (moderator: Nokia)
    • Addressing wider use cases
  • [MIMO_enh] (moderator: Samsung)
    • Enhancements motivated by current commercial deployments
    • Expand use cases
    • E.g. Support for cases with high speed mobility, better support for FDD
  • [Non_Terrestrial_Networks] (moderator: Thales)
    • Goal: scoping of the normative WID. Include NTN-specific positioning
  • [IAB_enh] (moderator: Qualcomm)
    • Includes duplexing enhancement
    • Potentials for network coding
    • Mobile IAB
  • [Unlicensed_enh] (moderator: Nokia)
    • Generic unlicensed operation enhancements not covered by any other item are addressed here
    • Unlicensed aspects specific to other items will be addressed by those items
  • [Powersaving_enh] (moderator: Mediatek)
    • Enhancements for powersaving of smartphones
    • Network power saving aspects as a separate sub-discussion
  • [RAN_datacollection_enh] (moderator: CMCC)
    • Includes SON and MDT
    • To start based on Release 16 scope and status (leftovers, etc…)
    • Data collection to enable AI is part of this discussion
  • [Positioning_enh] (moderator: Qualcomm)
    • Factory/campus positioning, IoT, V2X positioning, 3D positioning, cm level accuracy, incl latency and reliability improvements
    • NR-U positioning aspects
    • Idle and inactive








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